Welcome to our Undergrad Ministry at Texas A&M!

Students at Texas A&M and Blinn-Bryan have a vibrant and welcoming ministry that all students, regardless of background, are invited to join!

At the center of our life together is the “The Table.” Each week is something different, but always includes service, sacraments, prayer – and a home-cooked meal! This happens every Tuesday at 6:15 during the semester. Students of any, all, and no faith tradition are welcome at our dinner table as we explore together what it means to love and serve God and our neighbors — all our neighbors. 

Students also engage in small group Bible studies, which meet during the week.

Treehouse Tuesday

Every Tuesday at 6:15, join us for dinner, faith formation/conversation, and one of our four styles of worship. If you’re curious what we’re up to this week, check out our calendar. Join us to see who we are and what we’re about (spoiler alert: we really love people and Jesus).

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Off the Page

We used to call this Bible Study, and we’re not really sure what to call it now… We read the Bible together, try to understand it, let it challenge us, and ask what it means for how we’re living. It’s Bible Study, but it’s social and it’s practical and it’s probably not what you imagine…

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Mike’s Small Group

(Or, as our students call it, “Chillin’ with Mike.”) This is for older students or any student who really wants to have a deep, challenging conversation. Our program director, Mike, leads this, and it gets deep. We’ll decide on topics together, and then Mike will challenge the way we think about them and start a…

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Service & Justice projects, retreats, ecumenical/interfaith/outerfaith activities and conversation, and social activities are also an important part of this fellowship.  Keep an eye on the calendar to see what we’ve got in store!

Welcome to the Student Ministry at Blinn Brenham!

DESSERT FIRST! is our program at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas. Every Thusday at lunchtime, students are invited to come by the table, eat goodies, and chat about our QOTD (Question of the Day – i.e., Who is God to you? or What makes you angry about the world?). We set up in the Student Center near the entrance. ALL students are welcome stop by the table and/or join us for Bible Study. 

If you are interested in learning more about or baking for this ministry, please be in touch with our Campus Minister, Pastor Rich Nelson.