Can you hear?

23 On the day scheduled for this purpose, many people came to the place where he was staying. From morning until evening, he explained and testified concerning God’s kingdom and tried to convince them about Jesus through appealing to the Law from Moses and the Prophets. 24 Some were persuaded by what he said, but others refused to believe. 25 They disagreed with each other and were starting to leave when Paul made one more statement: “The Holy Spirit spoke correctly when he said to your ancestors through Isaiah the prophet, 26 Go to this people and say: You will hear, to be sure, but never understand; and you will certainly see but never recognize what you are seeing. 27 This people’s senses have become calloused, and they’ve become hard of hearing, and they’ve shut their eyes so that they won’t see with their eyes or hear with their ears or understand with their minds, and change their hearts and lives that I may heal them. 28 “Therefore, be certain of this: God’s salvation has been sent to the Gentiles. They will listen!” 30 Paul lived in his own rented quarters for two full years and welcomed everyone who came to see him. 31 Unhindered and with complete confidence, he continued to preach God’s kingdom and to teach about the Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 28:23-31, CEB)

Are you ready to hear what God has to say? It seems that it is historic for the church to be the last to be open to the moving of the Holy Spirit and listening to the prophetic word of God.

We need to let out lives be open and our hearts ready to receive what God is sending us even when we think it is not what the church needs or should be doing.

Others will hear and listen are we ready to hear and listen too?

Loving People. Loving God.