Hold Fast

32 But remember the earlier days, after you saw the light. You stood your ground while you were suffering from an enormous amount of pressure. 33 Sometimes you were exposed to insults and abuse in public. Other times you became partners with those who were treated that way. 34 You even showed sympathy toward people in prison and accepted the confiscation of your possessions with joy, since you knew that you had better and lasting possessions. 35 So don’t throw away your confidence—it brings a great reward. 36 You need to endure so that you can receive the promises after you do God’s will. 37 In a little while longer, the one who is coming will come and won’t delay; 38 but my righteous one will live by faith, and my whole being won’t be pleased with anyone who shrinks back. 39 But we aren’t the sort of people who timidly draw back and end up being destroyed. We’re the sort of people who have faith so that our whole beings are preserved. (Hebrews 10:32-39, CEB)

As we wait for the promises to be fulfilled it seems we lose heart.

It is easy to hold fast when we first are in the faith, but time wears away and we wonder.

But remember that God is not like us, and we are not like God and the blink of an eye is like 1000 years to God. So time is different to us.

The promises will be fulfilled and God will make good. We just need to have faith and hold fast.

Loving People. Loving God.